« One day all over the world ». Une revue de presse internationale (11 mars 2008)

11 mars 2008. De quoi parle-t-on aux quatre coins du monde ? Qu’est-ce qui fait la une des médias ? À partir d’un site rassemblant de très nombreuses éditions anglophones de la presse internationale, les élèves de SES en Anglais sont partis explorer l’actualité à travers la planète. Ils vous rapportent ce qu’ils ont trouvé.

News from China

I have elected China daily. It is from in China. The headline of the selected news is : « China on edge of seat for Beijing Olympics ». My article can be classified in the society category. This piece of information takes place on march, 8th, 2008 and stands in the top news.

Women dance to celebrate the international women’s day and the 2008 Olympics in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. A survey released on Monday revealed the intense anticipation held nationwide for the Beijing olympics with about three quaters of respondents expressing their overwhelming excitement 150 days out from the opening ceremony.

Sallé Gwendoline.

News from Australia

The name of the newspaper we have elected : news.com.au.. It is from Australia. Australia is a country of the South hemisphere which covers the biggest island of the Oceanian continent, the island of Tasmania as well as of other islands of the Austral, peaceful and Indian oceans. The neighbouring nations are notably, islands Salomon, Vanuatu and the French territory in the southeast.

News.com.au. is a national daily Australian newspaper founded in 1964 and published by News Corporation of Rupert Murdoch. His head office is in Sydney, but it has offices everywhere in Australia. It has a daily printing about 130 000 copies on weekdays and about 195 000 on Saturdays. In spite of the modest printing, news.com.au. is an influential newspaper owing to the readership : it is read by political elite and people of business. The headline of the news we have select is : « Racist’ Backpackers’ hostel condemned ».

It can be classified in social category. It’s not a major piece of information in the today paper.

TEH federal and Nothern Territory governements have condemned the owners of a backpacker hostel in Alice Springs accused of askings a group of Aboriginal people to leave because of the colour of their skin.

Pellier Pauline et Dupin Emilie.

News from Cuba

The name of the newspaper I have elected is Worldnews. It is one of the top sites for World News on the Internet, reaching over 15 million unique users every month. The bulk of this traffic is generated by WN.com and worldnews.com which is an International Online News & Trade Publisher offering news in 40 languages, plus comment and opinion from leading writers worldwide. Worldnews delivers latest breaking news including mews from the world, politics, business, entertainment, science...

The article is about Cuba. Cuba is next to the USA.

The headline of my article is : « Raul Castro’s china strategy ». This piece of information can be classified in politics. It’s top news.

This article deals with the resignation of the Cuban president, Fidel Castro from two of his three leadership positions. His successor is his brother, Raul, who will not become the first secretary of the Cuban Communist Patry. He will have the right to discuss with Fidel castro about all the imortant decisions, but he will not be able to move on economic reforms nor on improvements in the conditions of life.

Raul’s strategy is to pursue a vietnamese or chines strategy : promarket economic reforms under continued communist rules ; with no progress on democracy or human rights.

But it’s unacceptable for latine America which has made huge progress in democracy and respect for human rights.


News from Russia

The name of the newspaper is the Moscow times. It is issued in Russia, a country next to Ukraine, Kasakhstan, China. The moscow Times is a daily english-language newspaper offering reliable independant news on business, economy and finance in Russia. The headline is « Musicians Whip out instruments in protest ». It’s top news.

Students of the Academy Gnesin and the institute of theater Shchukin protested because they learnt last wednesday that they should leave their dormitories and that if they did not leave they would be expellled from strength by the guards of security. They protest because they think that it is a plot to seize the realestate by means of corrupt officials. The problem is that they are 800 students and that some of them have nowhere to go because they do not live in Moscow and because they have no money to buy a house. The students swore to stay in the dormitory. The students called marshals’ federal service of the court of justice to the administrators of the Academy Gnesin but they stay without answers.

Ameline Mottier.

News from Greece

The name of the newspaper, I have elected, is The Kathimerini. The Kathimerini is a newspaper from Greece. Greece is a member of the European Union, next to Albania, Turkey and Bulgaria. The Kathimerini is an important greek newspaper. This daily is published in Athens.

It is published in greek language as well as in an abridged English language edition. The headline of the news I’ve selected is " Colleges urged to compete globally ". This is top news. This piece of information can be classified in social and political information.

A draft law for the reform of the higher education sector will allow greek universities and technical colleges to become competitive on a global level. The government want to propose new options to attract more people from abroad to Greece.

Camille Gaumer.

News from Argentina

The newspaper I’ll present you, is The Buenos Aires Herald. This is an argentinian newspaper published in Buenos Aires. The headline of my news is De Vido introduce national energy plan. This economic information is in top of news. We fear in fact the crisis return.

At March, the tenth, the president of Argentina, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner has met the planning minister, Julio de Vido to receive his « Plan Energia Total ». The aim of this plan is to draw up new prices for import and export of hydrocarbons. The government wants in fact to have an equal balance of trade, and to develop new exploitations of gas.

Perret Gilles.

News from Portugal

I want to talk to you about news from Portugal ; it’s a country in Europe between Spain and the Atlantic ocean. I found these information in The Portugal News. This newspaper is the portugal’s largest circulation english language newspaper, it has existed for 20 years. This event took place on march, 11th, 2008.

The title of this top news is : « Crackdown on crime », it deals with insecurity in Portugal and the taken measures. This piece of information can be classified in society and politics.

We learn in this text that there was a trafic shooting and that the government has been forced to take decisions. Approximately two thousand police officers will be trained to fight insecurity and crimes that take place in Portugal. This announce was made after a week when seven murders occurred. The government took 15 measures. As for crimes the newspaper tells about several murders (a 21 years old student ; a security guard, etc.) : there were 135 murders last years. 70 percent of portuguese saying that safety and security deteriorated during 2007.

Sobral Emeline.

News from Thailand

The name of the newspaper is Pattaya Mail. The country is Thailand in Pattaya City. Thailand is in Asia, in the Indochinese Peninsula . This newspaper is the first english language newspaper.

The headline of the news I have selected is The Seminar who discusses developments for improving lives of disabled.

This information is classified in society. This piece of information is important because it was amongst the toplines.

This article deals with a seminar held on Fevruary 28th that discussed ways of developping a better quality of life for the disabled in Pattaya . We can say there is an affirmative action. The seminar obtained suggestions from each of the sectors represented, with the idea being to draw up a five years development plan. Amongst the topics discussed was the provision of facilities for disabled tourists, including modifications of the sidewalks and further developpment of sporting activities.


News from Ukraine

The name of the newspaper I have elected is Kyiv Post. Kyiv is in Ukraine, country from estern Europe.

The Kyiv Post is Ukraine’s a leading English language publication, covering business, politics and society in this former Soviet republic.

The headline of the news, I have selected is : Conflict between Ukrainian leaders over natural gas dispute with Russia deepens. This information can be classified in the category : politics. It is a major information because this information is classified as top news.

Europeans receive their gas from Russia ; It goes throught Ukraine. The old dispute between Russia and Ukraine, intensified last Friday, so Europeans are afraid of negative effects that this could have on their deliveries of gas.


News from the USA

He was known as « Mr Clean » and « The Sherif of Wall Street ». Now he’s just « Client 9 ». Eliot Spitzer, 48, New York’s governor, is accused of having taken part in a prostitution ring. The governor made his name when he was prosecutor, by breaking up prostitution rings.

Spitzer was caught on federal wiretap trying to arrange a meeting with a prostitute from the company known as the Emperor’s Club. Spitzer was identified in court papers only as « Client 9 ». At a Manhattan news conference where were about 100 reporters, the governor apologized to his family and the people of New York. But he gave no details about what he was sorry for, he did not discuss his political future and ignored shouted questions about whether he would resign.


News from South Korea

I have chosen to talk about the article « Debt drove murder of family » extracted from the newspaper The Korea Times.

The scene took place in South Korea in Hwasun. It’s in the southern half of the Koraean Peninsula, in East of Asia. My information can be classified in the society part of the newspaper. First, I’d like to talk about the facts, then about the causes and the police’s opinion. This information was topnews in the newspaper.

On March, 11th, 4 bodies were discovered in a graveyard ; It was a 45-years-old-woman and her three daughters who were 13, 19 and 20 years old. The three were strangled and the last girl died from injuries from a fractured skull. They were wrapped in bags.

The murderer is Lee Ho-Seong, who had a relationship with the woman called Kim. This man was identified by the graveyard’s laborers. Lee had asked them to dig pits to set up their tombstones.

But the murderer was found dead in Seoul the same day. He had commited suicide by drowning himself.

According to the police, he commited suicide after the police made public his identity but it was founded 2 lettrers about that. One was sent to his brother and one to the basketball club in which he worked.

The police took a while to figure out the causes of the murder:they presume it is due to his debts he was unable to pay back since his businesses failure. Actually he had borrowed Kim 170 million and she had asked him to pay back her. So he killed her and her daugthers because they were witnesses.


News from Portugal

The article which I have selected comes from Portugal. The name of the newspaper that I have selected is Portugal News published on March, 22nd, 2008.The category in which the article is classified is the political category.The headline of the news is « Government looks to ban seven breeds of ’ Dangerous dogs’ ».

The minister Jaime Silva said that there would be bans because of several stories of dogs attacks that pushed the government to take quick and efficient measures.

Actually, in Portugal, some 5.500 dogs considered as dangerous have been officially registered, with around a further 1000 identified following an attaks or for showing signs of uncontrollable agression.


News from Spain

I have elected VOA. The Voice of America is a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the US government in 1942. It is based in Washington. Washington is located in the northwest of the United States.

VOA broadcasts more than 1000 hours of news, information, educational, and cultural programming every week to an estimated worldwide audience of more than 115 million people. Programs are produced in 45 languages.

My article is named « Spain Remenbers 2004 Madrid Train Bombings ». It was published the 12 March 2008.

Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia led a memorial service outside Madrid’s Atocha train station to mark the fourth anniversary of the train bombings that killed 191 people.

Al-Qaida-linked terrorists claimed responsibility for the attack, calling it a response to former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar’s support for the war in Iraq.

A Spanish court convicted 21 suspects for their roles in the bombings.
But the analysts say the attack was partially responsible for the Socialists and Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero winning parliamentary elections three days later.

This information can be classified in the politics category. It isn’t a breaking news or top news.