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  • Short economic reports
    Les élèves de Première ES, option SES en anglais, décrivent la situation de la conjoncture économique en France au second trimestre 2009, façon « short reports » de la BBC.
  • Sociology. The importance of primary socialization
    Many of our behaviours seem « natural » : to walk, to talk, to smile. Sociology shows that an important part of what seems due to biological or genetic factors is in fact learned through the process of socialization.
  • B.Obama won ? Yes and what can he say about that ?
    Why did I choose this passage of his speech, to be my favourite ? After a very attentive reading of Obama’s speech, the new president of the United States of America since November 4th , I have selected a passage which has touched me more than the others.
  • The French economic growth (2008)
    During the second quarter 2008, the French GDP decreased by 0.3% after having increased by 0.5% in the first quarter. The responsibles for the economic growth of the GDP are consumption, investment and exports.